Reporting Rights

SCCM reporting functions provides you to track your deployment status and this give you ability to measure how successful in your deployments.

In an enterprise environment you may want to share this functionality to be used by your first level support within limited rights. I will explain how to provide this functionality as limited as access rights.

First I advide you to create a security group in Active Directory with a name “1st level support”. First level operators should be a member of this group and you will set the sccm reporting rights for this group.

Than you should open SCCM Reporting tab and you will see some options like to give the access rights.

The group should be add in Reporting Class (instead of Instance) with Read Rights.

SCCM has may reporting functionalities therefore you may want to set rights for spesific report also like “status of an advertisement of an spesific computer” that’s on of the most popular that used by the helpdesk tead to track the deployment status of an computer.

In the following articles I will try to explain custom repoting by SQL scripts if I need time 🙂



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