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WMI Troubleshooting

WMI Troubleshooting

If you are an SCCM Administrator, you should learn how to live with WMI 🙂 It is the main component that you will work with if you would have some agent problems. Than how can you troubleshoot the problems with the WMI ?

Answer is simple : WMIDiagTool 2.1

In this article I will write how can you generate and summarize the reports.

Also I will explain how to recompile the neccessary files and recover the WMI


Service Oriented Architectures

What is a Service Oriented Architecture ?

By the years IT Professional’s perspective has been changed about building their systems. Before the Service Oriented Architecture the general approach was building the complex systems individually. This approach was merged into systems rigittally by the time and any change was started a chaos. On recent years cloud and Service Oriented Architecture apporaches was adopted as well

I have lots of things to write but just for now it’s enough to summarize the situation with the video below.

IT Professionals !

Hi All!

I will share my knowlegde and experience about System Center Configuration Products.

Wait for the articles ! 😉